7 Tips for Starting a Snack Business Within a Month


There is nothing wrong with trying to open your own business, especially the family’s favorite snack. Yep, the culinary (snack) business is indeed one of the business fields that has a great chance of being successful. The reason is, the habit of Indonesian people is to eat snacks on various occasions.

If most culinary businesses require large costs, it is different from this one business because it only requires relatively small initial capital, namely the snack repacking business. Not many people know that this business is promising enough and promising only a small capital.

If spoken into Indonesian, SNACK is called a snack which is a snack that is always in demand by almost everyone as a friend to add fun to relaxing activities such as watching TV, reading books or typing on a computer. This makes the snack packaging business have a large potential in the market. make sure you have determined your market, for more info 3 day master class

For those of you who want to start this business, here is a list of ways of repacking snack businesses that you should know:

1. Observing Market Segmentation

In any business process this one cannot help but to do. Yes, watching the market. Observe the market before starting out in the snack repacking business to get a rough idea of ​​where the product will be marketed.

One of them is to observe what snacks are most popular with. Then, observe the market price of the snacks (snacks) currently circulating in the market, both in traditional markets, supermarkets, stalls, and even minimarkets to get accurate information.

2. Types of Snacks to be Sold

Determine the type of snack before starting selling. From the observations of the first point, you will get lots of references and make you confused about determining. However, you must determine one or two types of snack / snack categories. That will facilitate the distribution of products to the market.

3. Create Your Own Brand

Making your own brand is tricky, especially in the marketplace, there are already a lot of similar products in circulation. However, there is no word impossible for an entrepreneur, while trying to pour out creative ideas starting from what is in your mind. Don’t be afraid to try to create branding because everything needs a process, including in business. Proceed until it works!

Create a unique and memorable brand name so customers can easily come back to find your product on the market. This will also make it easier to introduce (promotion) the product for the first time so that it is recognized by many people.

4. Make the packaging as attractive as possible

Attractive, unique, and quality packaging besides being comfortable to look at, it will also add a positive image to merchandise in the market. Consumer habits will be more attracted by attractive and quality packaging than careless packaging. Although in terms of cost it will be more expensive, but take it easy because the selling price will be high. Consumers are smart enough to determine which products have quality starting from the appearance of the packaging. And price is not a problem as long as it is proportional to the quality and satisfaction that consumers get.

5. Find a Fixed Supplier

A new product is not as easy as turning a palm to be accepted by the market. However, that’s where the challenge for some beginner entrepreneurs is, how strong is the mentality of pursuing a culinary business such as various snacks. One next difficulty is determining a regular supplier for your product.

Finding a supplier will still help smooth the distribution of the product, be it to the grocery store or to certain minimarkets. This is because they will prioritize products that are always available if they are easily absorbed by the market.

There is nothing wrong with offering your product to the nearest shops with a entrusted system. If you haven’t made it to one of the shops or supermarkets, then don’t think that there are no opportunities at other shops or supermarkets either. Keep trying until finally your product is accepted and in demand by the market. Do not give up!

6. Expand the type of product

So that you can know for sure and have experience about what products the market is interested in, then you can do this by increasing the types of products you offer. Besides being able to multiply product types by repacking (repackaging) products of various sizes, you can also be creative by repacking (repackaging) products with various types and flavors of products.

Try repacking (repacking) snacks of various types such as biscuits, nuts, wafers, milk drinks, and so on. Besides the type of product, to dominate the market, culinary businessmen must also be creative in the taste of the product.

7. Selling Online

Now you can sell anything online, including selling snacks online. For example, social media Facebook has provided a Fanpage feature intended for a businessman like you in promoting online products through social media. That way, more people will be reached by your product brand. So that the possibility of people buying it will be even greater.

Create a separate social media account to promote and sell your repackaged snack products. Always distinguish between social media business accounts and personal accounts to be more professional.