7 Tips for Starting a Snack Business Within a Month


There is nothing wrong with trying to open your own business, especially the family’s favorite snack. Yep, the culinary (snack) business is indeed one of the business fields that has a great chance of being successful. The reason is, the habit of Indonesian people is to eat snacks on various occasions.

If most culinary businesses require large costs, it is different from this one business because it only requires relatively small initial capital, namely the snack repacking business. Not many people know that this business is promising enough and promising only a small capital.

If spoken into Indonesian, SNACK is called a snack which is a snack that is always in demand by almost everyone as a friend to add fun to relaxing activities such as watching TV, reading books or typing on a computer. This makes the snack packaging business have a large potential in the market. make sure …


7 Ways to Sell on Instagram

In order to avoid the mistakes above, you must know how to sell online on Instagram Ads effectively. You can also apply the following tips to get your first sale or even increase the sales figures for your online business. make sure you have determined your target market first, want to try it? for more info please visit the official website here lcs2 reviews

1. Define the audience

Before doing promotions or how to sell online on Instagram, the first thing to do is determine the target audience. Understand what kind of people are likely to need the solutions that you will offer later. From here, you can determine the voice brand to the appropriate content.

The more specific the target audience, the greater the percentage of conversion.

It will be easier to convert followers into buyers or even customers. The number of this audience is very small. But for …