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Easy Ways To Support Small Local Businesses During The Pandemic

As the government works hard to protect the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, we, the people, can come together to help support our local businesses as well. Your favourite music venue, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. might be struggling to stay afloat. Doing our best to support these local businesses can/will go a long way in promoting our economy in general. But what can we do? You may ask. Here are several ways how:

Shop Locally: (Offline and Online)

Most of the small businesses that hadn’t embraced or ventured online have started to do so. You will be surprised to find your favourite grocery store online too. Brewers too have begun testing the waters by providing front door deliveries on order.

You can thus order for some groceries, beer, household items, and even books online for contact-free delivery.

Pay the local household, food, or grocer a visit to stock up on supplies. Most of these stores are overflowing with supplies, some of which you might not find in the larger supermarkets. Only consider going outside or shopping if not displaying symptoms of the virus.

Buy a Gift Card, or Two

Gift cards are another excellent way you can support your local businesses with. This can be your favourite salon, shop, restaurant, or theatre. With most people avoiding these businesses, buying a gift card to use later, or rewarding a friend with, help improve cash flow within the company while limiting interactions. You can thus use the card when the need arises, or after restrictions are eased.

The simple act of buying a gift card shows the business owner you indeed appreciate their service and will continue to do so. It also gives them a better chance of staying afloat amid the various challenges.

Order Takeaway

Although most local restaurants have closed down, a good number of them are still operational and offer takeaways and home delivery. Pick one day in a week and order takeout (instead of cooking) to enjoy with your family. If every household were to make an order at least once in a week, these businesses would remain operational, making it possible to enjoy their delicious dishes.

While most privately-owned restaurants have taken their business online, some of your favourite joints might have not. Give them a call to see if they do, and even ask if they can deliver a meal on request, looking at food in fleet they give you this option and you can enjoy their high quality food. You could also ask to buy ingredients for your favourite meal from them too. It would also help if you ordered directly from the local restaurant, and not via third-party apps. Some of these apps are out to make a profit, squeezing the restaurants’ finances even farther.

Leave a Positive Review

You don’t have to order takeout to support a local business. Following them on social media, and/or leaving a positive review will go a long way in boosting their income. Leave positive words on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages as a sign of solidarity and support. A phone call to the business owner will also help give them strength and willpower to push on.

Signup for Online Classes

The freedom to work from home has opened up a new world of possibilities. You can use the extra time saved from working from home to learn something new online, such as dance, yoga, simple workouts, singing, and even creative writing. Schools and trainers offering the same will thus be able to earn while you learn during the pandemic.