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How Often Should You Clean Your Home or Office In The Fight Against Covid 19

Regular cleaning is important for life, not only amid a pandemic. Scheduled cleaning of the home and office is a great habit to practice. Maybe you require regular cleaning to protect your important spaces from transmitting Covid 19, or maybe your priority is on the health of the people working in the space. So, how often should the cleaning be done, and how can you maintain it when there are a lot of things to attend to.

Surface Cleaning

Surfaces need to be cleaned regularly. When minor cleaning tasks are done frequently, the build-up of dirt and grime is prevented, which may likely cause problems if not handled. Similarly, to protect your space from Covid 19 transmission, regular covid deep cleaning must be done.


Regular cleaning is mostly relevant for offices as businesses try to cut the number of workers present by scheduling the use of the space. The switch of personnel during the daily office days means that if cleaning isn’t done regularly there’s a higher risk of transmission.


In a home or home office, it’s essential to keep the tables and other surfaces wiped at the end of the day, the same way you’d expect it to be done in a commercial office. Although the people at home do not change like in the case of an office, there’s also a possibility of contact to some extent. That’s why a daily clean is a good idea.

Deep Cleaning

Although it may not be required as many times as surface cleaning, these days deep cleaning has become more popular than it was earlier. Therefore how often do you require a deep clean at home or in an office?


Due to the number of people working on the space, although at different times, an office deserves a deep clean regularly more than a home. Past the lockdown times, an office should be keenly timetabled to minimize any likelihood of team bubbles. A deep clean is good to take place in between team bubbles working in the space. This may appear to be a gargantuan task. But, the procedure of electrostatic surface cleaning is fifty percent faster to do compared to the traditional methods. As a result, the application is more accessible and needs fewer personnel.

Bacteria Hot Spots

These are areas that need keen attention while cleaning. Either being done more frequently or focusing more on them. In an office, the desk areas, and in an IT kit, these are the main breeding zones for germs. The average desktop holds 20,961 germs on every square inch. And you haven’t gotten to the IT placed on the desk. Employers shouldn’t only worry about Covid here, but instead several minor illnesses and a lack of wellbeing that’s likely to affect the workforce.

Whether it’s a home workstation or a traditional office, staff are spending a lot of time at their desk daily. As the demand for professionals increases, people are increasingly working for extended hours and opt to take their meals at their desk, that’s why it important to observe the hygiene of these areas. This is vital both for a home and an office. We should always focus on having a clean and clear office at the end of the day, whether by doing it yourself or using a professional cleaner to tidy the place after work.