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Lavender oil can also be known to soothe complications, if applied to the temples of your head. There are many medicinal purposes of herbs which naturally benefit the physique. Make A Difference With Occupational Therapy Jobs Your body by no means will get immune to garlic, like it does to antibiotics. Studies have proven garlic to assist cardiovascular issues and even struggle off cancer. Basil can be a fantastic anti-viral and antioxidant. Chives are known to help the circulatory system and have the same useful effects of garlic however in a milder dose. Oregano is a good antimicrobial, which fights off food-borne pathogens that may trigger sickness. Herbs can be used in baths to help itchy pores and skin or taken internally, in teas, to help a wide range of symptoms. For instance, mint tea can help digestion or help cut back the swelling of an upset stomach. Explore Health.com…...