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Tips when ordering online food delivery

Technology has continually integrated with our day-to-day lives, and businesses seek to use this integration to make life easy for consumers. One of the most noticeable growing industry is the food delivery industry. Specifically, with the coronavirus pandemic’s onset and the containment measures set out, more and more people have resulted in ordering food online and getting it delivered at their doorstep as restaurants have shut down. However, it is important to understand that clients are more vulnerable to poor services as food delivery companies increase. To ensure you get quality services and good quality food, always opt for reputable online food delivery companies. Online review sites such as will help have a look at healthy food delivery service uk reviews. Ensure that you only go for companies with positive reviews. Some other tips that you should follow when ordering food online are;

Opt for the contactless delivery option

Since the lockdown started, a majority of food delivery apps have added the contactless delivery option. Both the delivering agents and the client should ensure that they firmly observe all the measures set out in this option.

  • Choosing to pay for your order online is the safest way to stop infection as money exchange increases the chance of spreading the virus.
  • Mostly, the contactless delivery option entails the delivery team leaving the grocery packages or food parcels outside the client’s door and alerts the client by ringing the bell.
  • Specific apartment complexes have as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus prevented agents from entering beyond the main gate, only permitting residents to pick their food parcels from the security cabin.

Wash your hand with soap

This is one of the easiest and yet most powerful way to prevent infection. Immediately after you handle the delivered food parcel, wash your hand. No matter how delicious the dish delivered is, do not have even a bite with unwashed hands. Make sure you use an antiseptic hand wash to lather your hand, and then rinse with water thoroughly for about 20 seconds. After handling the food package, make sure not to touch your nose, mouth, and face before washing your hands.

Heat the food

The coronavirus has been categorised as thermolabile by the world health organisation, meaning that heat deactivates and readily destroys it. The virus is vulnerable to the temperatures of cooking. Therefore, it is recommended that each time your food is delivered, you reheat it before consuming it. This eliminates any chances of getting coronavirus from the food. Any leftovers you have refrigerated should always be reheated before you consume them. Do not store food for over three days in the fridge. Discard any of the food that is over three days old.

Always discard the package

A study has established that the coronavirus can live on plastic for about 2 to 3 days and about 24 hours on a cardboard surface. It can be tempting to opt to eat directly from the package you’ve received your food in, particularly to evade having a load of dishes on the kitchen sink. However, disposing of the packages, packets and foil after the food has been delivered is safer. For added safety, ensure you use your spoons and forks to eat. If it’s permitted, opt out of getting any cutlery together with the food. If it isn’t permitted, discard such cutlery immediately on receipt and instead use your own. After receiving raw vegetables, use lukewarm water to thoroughly wash the outer surface before storing them in the fridge. For groceries, transfer the package contents in a plastic or glass container and get rid of the package. For meat, poultry and fish, get rid of the package they came sealed in, then wash the contents, put them in an airtight container, and store them in a freezer. After disposing of the food packages, always sanitise the tabletop you had placed the package on using a disinfectant.

Check the hygiene rating

Most reputable food delivery apps have a hygiene rating or a safety standard badge of the restaurants they have on their list. Ensure that you only make your order from restaurants with high hygiene standards, and make sure the app you’re using to make the order follows the set safety precautions.

In conclusion, it can be challenging to identify hygienic food delivery apps and restaurants to order from. This article has made it easy by offering some tips to ensure that the meals you order online are hygienic and thus prevent the spread of coronavirus.