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Made by bees who gather nectar solely from the Manuka bush or Tea tree. The Maori people have used this honey for hundreds of years as a folk medication treating flu, fevers and colds and therapeutic skin and abdomen ailments. Since 1981 analysis has been done on this honey by the Waikato Honey Research Unit.

Products with a UMF ranking of 10 or larger are appropriate for medical use. The greater the UMF score, the upper the antibacterial activity. For serious wounds and complaints it is suggested to make use of medical grade Manuka honey products. These are sterilized by gamma irradiation so as to be used safely.

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The world famend pioneer on this subject Professor Molan says about this glorious natural product: “In Manuka honey there’s something else besides the hydrogen peroxide. (the part found in all types of honey) and there is nothing like that ever been discovered anywhere else on the planet.” This unique antibacterial and antimicrobial exercise, which is called the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) supplies many health benefits. Manufacturers and distributors market their merchandise as energetic Manuka honey.

The time period active nonetheless is not any guarantee the honey has been examined for its exercise. Many health claims are made regarding this special honey and more and more are backed up by scientific reviews. The Waikato Honey Research Unit web site supplies clinical observations documenting this honey’s effectiveness.

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Dr. Molan: “We realize it has a very broad spectrum of action. It works on bacteria, fungi, protozoa. We have not discovered anything it doesn’t work on among infectious organisms.” It has even shown to be effective in treating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria like the MRSA micro organism which is a growing downside for hospitals everywhere in the world. Moreover, antibiotics have unwanted effects the place this special type of honey, being a natural product, has not. Genuine UMF Manuka Honey is tested and rated for its antibacterial efficiency. Only tested and approved products are eligible for the UMF trademark.

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It’s great to find that something you take pleasure in may truly be healthy. However, I do not advocate that my sufferers over indulge simply because the information is good. Mark Rosenberg, M.D. Institute For Healthy Aging This is a very special type of honey from New Zealand.

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